N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts

N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


Beginners Clairvoyance.  Due to Covid all classes will be taught in person online until further notice.

Everyone is born with clairvoyance abilities

6 week online Skype course 

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$50.00 per class

Clairvoyance is the ability to communicate with Spirit Guides, the Angelic Realm and Human Beings.

I teach unique, easily understood techniques that have been taught to me by my spiritual team over many years.

Step by step you are able to increase your awareness of how to communicate to beings behind "the veil", build up your psychic stamina and learn the language of clairvoyance.

Key elements needed to work successfully in this field:


Expect the Unexpected

Trust in your Guide


Willingness to believe 

Healthy scepticism

Clairvoyance is an excitingly complex subject. Always surprising and thoroughly satisfying!

Weeks 1 - 2 

The difference between Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and Mediumship

The Connection Map

Learn techniques and practical processes on how to connect with your spiritual guides 

Understanding the process of:

Prayers and Intention ( Kavannah)

White Light ExtensionTechniques

Beginners Movie Screen Technique

Beginners Third Eye Expansion Into The Universe Technique 

Beginners 360 Expansion Technique

Beginners Crown Chakra Expansion / Adjustment Technique

Accessing the Multiverse Technique

Rainbow Stairs Visualisation to Raise Your Vibration

Aura extension ( Reaching out and into Aura)


* Homework will be given 

Weeks 3 - 6 

Using these techniques I will guide you on how to apply them to connect to your guides using clairvoyance to ask, receive and understand the meaning of personal and group messages.

Clairvoyance practice for self and others with Confirmation

* Homework will be given

* Exam and Certification on Completion of 6 week course

*Notes of class topics will be emailed after each class.

*Classes will be recorded and sent to each student.

Payment upon invoice in in advance.

Bank transfer only. No credit cards or pay pal.

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The GST/IRD Number is 108 044 918

Follow on courses:

Advanced Clairvoyance - Meeting your Gate Keeper and Primary Guide

Spiritual Counselling in conjunction with The Tarot 

Spiritual Mediumship

How to work in the Akashic Records

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