N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts

N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


In Focus, Day Intensives, Boot Camps. Due to Covid all in person courses are  postponed until Auckland is in level 1 

Psychic School In Focus

Our monthly In Focus sessions are held on the last Saturday of every month in Titirangi, West Auckland.  This is a good way of connecting and interacting with other students outside of your class and meeting the tutors in person.  Each months session is different and varies between advancing already learned techniques, having the opportunity to practise on other students in person and being taught new techniques that can't be taught over Skype.  


Eunice, Anita, Shelley and David

Psychic School Day Intensives

Day Intensives are held after each Boot Camp.

They focus on each new technique and subject that has been learned at Boot Camp and re examined to solidify the understanding of each process in depth.

I.E. Boot Camp 1. 

Day Intensive Topics - Each Day Intensive of 6 hours covers 1 topic

The Intensives are usually a month or so apart to give you time to assimilate the information.

1st Day Intensive

The techniques themselves

2nd Day Intensive

Akashic Records - Access and Reading for Yourself - Duty of Care

3rd Day Intensive

Spiritual Mediumship a Conversation - Combining all techniques and analysing the process

4th Day Intensive

Coaching your client to help them and their loved one experience the best connection possible

5th Day Intensive

Connection to a loved one through Spiritual Mediumship - in its purest form

Spiritual Mediumship - Practice in a safe, supported environment.

Duty of care


Weekend Boot Camps

Weekend face to face  boot camps are offered when students have completed the Beginners Clairvoyance, Spiritual Counselling and Tarot and  Advanced Clairvoyance Skype / In Focus groups courses.  

The Boot Camp is held over two days at the Rose Park hotel in Parnell Auckland. 

For more information contact


021 0869 1285

Facebook Private Student Support Page

You have access to our Facebook Student Page  which includes extra guidance and healing / protective techniques.  

The Nest

Student Networking Support Group

The Psychic News N.Z.

The Psychic News N.Z. Magazine. Complimentary PDF's sent Bi Monthly throughout the year. To receive your copy send us your email details.
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