N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts

N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


Learn to read your own Akashic Records

Akashic Records 6 week online course

Commit to a remarkable you by using the insights to be found in your 
Akashic record 

Start Anytime!

 I am offering a 6 week 1 on 1 online course

How to Enter and Work in the Akashic Records

Dive deep into the story of your soul to understand your purpose in the here and now !

For more information and course registration or to book an Akashic Records Personal Reading or gift a Christmas / Birthday Akashic Records Voucher contact me, Eunice
 office.psychicschool@gmail.com Ph: 021 0869 1285

$350.00 incl GST 
Hard copies of instruction in presentation folder

Emailed copies of instruction 

Payment to be made on receipt of invoice

Payments can be made in instalments if preferred. 

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New Zealand School of Psychic Arts