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N.Z. School

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Soul Rescue Service.  Due to Covid Transitions will be conducted online.

Loved Ones

When a loved one dies we assume that they are finally at peace and are reunited with family, friends and pets who have gone before them.

This isn't always the case.  Each loved ones experience is unique to them.

Just as in life, we have free will.  Free will to move onward in our journey of self discovery towards heaven, healing, Source, God call it what you will -  or not.

Some common reasons for choosing to stay on an astral plane as close to the earth plane as possible are:

  • Confusion due to accidental death
  • Reluctance to leave family or friends
  • Unfinished business
  • Trauma due to reason of passing
  • Non belief
  • Family request that they stay
  • Fear / Anxiety 

A request for help from the loved one can be made during a spiritual mediumship session with the medium acting as an intermediary.  If it is time for both parties to let go and move on with their lives an agreement is made.

Working with the angelic realm the loved one is helped to transition and cross over into the light.

This process is offered as a service and the process is taught within the schools syllabus.  For more information please contact us.

Lost Souls

Lost souls are people who are "stuck" in the astral plane, similar to Loved Ones but either don't know where they are or have lost connection to family and friends.

If you sense an uncomfortable feeling whether it's in a home or outside area then this is often a lost soul.

A lot of lost souls are making themselves know to psychics and asking for help on transitioning at the moment.  It is believed that these souls are now ready to return to the light for healing and reincarnation as they are called to become the new bringers of light.

We at the school have been taught new techniques to help these souls transition in groups or clusters.  We work with the individual groups, cultures and traditions as well as any group requests.

So far our transition work has included:

Europeans ( 1800's to present day)

Amazonian Tribesmen


Maori Warriors

Chinese Gold Miners

Irish Immigrants ( 1800's) 

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