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Bach Flowers - Natures Gift for Emotional Balance.  Due to Covid these courses will be taught online

Introduction to Bach Flowers

Tutor Eunice Stott


10 hours 


1 x Workshop folder

Explanation and instruction of all 38 Bach Flower remedies and their uses.

Written Exam


$360.00 incl GST 

Plus 1 X Bach Flower Practioner Book

Introduction to Dr. Edward Bach and his range of of Bach Flower remedies.

The idea behind Bach Flower remedies is similar to homeopathy. But they use fewer materials and don't work directly on physical symptoms, but instead on the emotions. Bach believed that healing negative emotions helps the body heal itself. His system contains 38 remedies that each address a specific negative emotion.

Most people have heard of Dr. Bach's famous Rescue Remedy blend of 5 of his flower essences. Used to calm, relax, restore composure and calm nerves due to shock or accident. However, the benefit of Rescue Remedy is short lived if taken for ongoing stress and anxiety. Depending on the cause of the stress, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain, White Chestnut and Scaleranthus can be enormously beneficial for example.

By understanding all of the 38 Bach Flowers properties, complexities and their benefits you will then be able to prescribe the correct flower remedy or blend for the presenting emotional distress, for yourself, a loved one ( and in time client). 

I was originally introduced to Rescue Remedy 40 years ago. I suffered from chronic anxiety and low self confidence.  I began experimenting with the other 33 Bach Flower remedies when I realised that I needed more than Rescue Remedy to help me heal.  I became so fascinated by my own results that I became a qualified Bach Flower practitioner and have not only healed myself, family and friends but many, many clients over the years and created my own Bach Flower blends range under my original company name Lavender Villa and now the YouThrive label.

Dr. Bach believed that serious illness had the potential to be avoided or at the very least reduced if emotional distress was diagnosed and treated early in life or as soon as possible as symptoms became obvious to the trained eye.  

Why would anyone choose to endure crippling anxiety or lack of self confidence when drops of Mimulus and Larch on the tongue can melt those problems away?!

Bach Flowers Advanced

Tutor Eunice Stott


12 hrs  ( Including marking of written paper)

  • Submission of written explanation of the qualities of each Bach Flower before the commencement of the weekend.  


  • Workshop folder
  • How to diagnose yourself and clients.
  • How to blend Bach Flowers
  • Create your own Bach Flower blend
  • Written Exam
  • Certification

$380.00 incl GST

The process of a diagnosis may appear obvious, but, is in fact highly complex.

Talking and listening to a client is only part of the skill set of a Bach Flower practitioner. Often the client does not know " what is wrong" only " how they feel, or what is going wrong for them in their lives".  The role of the practitioner is to elicite the clients genuine dis-ease through gentle consultation using observation, listening skills, their own life experiences as a base line and where applicable clairvoyance. Being clairvoyant is not crucial, to a successful diagnosis as Dr. Bach's Flower system was created for use by Everyman / Everywoman, but if you have this ability then I would encourage you to use spiritual guidance as a " next level" approach.

"Health,” wrote Dr. Bach, “depends on being in harmony with our souls.

”For this to happen we must have some sense for what is our soul, what its purpose is in life and how we may learn to feel or understand its communication". 

Bach’s research was stimulated by his personal experience of cancer which was expected to kill him in 1917. For him, experiments in the science of health were therefore a personal matter. He considered the way his own psychology influenced his illness:

"Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort".

Bach’s studies, however, did not result in proposals for how we should change our lives through exercise, meditation or study. For him, there was no call for a corrective signal from the therapist or teacher. Rather, he asserts that for each of us the only true path to take is the path destined for us as an individual. And that path is something which we must find for ourselves. That is why we must listen attentively to our individual voice: the soul. But he does not leave the matter there. He found that certain flowers carried specific information which can act to amplify that voice and so assist in the process of bringing us to harmony.

What does this mean in practice? To take the first of the 38 flower essences he discovered—Impatiens—he says that if I am a person who feels great tension, irritation and pain then to find harmony in life I must be more gentle, loving and tolerant. This quality he found in the flowers of Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera). Lacking this positive idea causes physical discomfort (maybe headaches, eyestrain, accidents or more serious illnesses) and if once the information of the idea is accepted then the discomfort and disharmony will cease. The consequence will be a return to health as the natural condition of the person.

Bach Flower Practitioner Diploma 

Time frame is open


Practitioner Diploma Certification

$550.00 incl GST 

Utilising the skill sets learned you will you will be expected to document and present:-

  • 10 individual clinical case studies using Skype
  • Each case study will be broken down into 6 weeks of 3 sessions 1 hour session x 3 per client including initial consultation and 2 x follow up session.
  • The consultation will conclude with a prescribed Bach Flower blend for each client and directions for use.
  • Copies of written notes on the blend prescribed and why and a Skype recording of all consultations per client to be sent to the school for marking.
  • Support and guidance via Skype will be given.
  • Examination on Bach Flower properties and clients outcomes.

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