N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts

N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


Due to Covid all readings will be conducted in person online until further notice.

Dashwood Cottage
Dashwood Cottage

Clairvoyance Spiritual Counselling with Tarot Confirmation

In person or via Skype 


Session Time 1 hr.

Extra time calculated @ $40.00 per 30 mins.

Bookings can be made via email office.psychicschool@gmail.com

or Ph Eunice (09) 817 9810

I work with your Angelic Spiritual Team to uncover the answers to your questions and gives clarity, understanding and guidance on how to move forward into Positive Abundance NOW!

My work concentrates on connecting with your Spirit Guides from the  Highest Astral / Mental and Causal Planes to give guidance on present situations and to help you move forward with clarity and understanding to create abundance in your life.

Let me help you create the life you want easily, effortlessly and joyfully.

* Are you needing your Spiritual Teams guidance and support?

* Are you wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed over?

* Are wanting to know your Soul Purpose?

* Do you feel a Spiritual Life Coaching session could set on on the right track?

* How else may I and my Spiritual Team be of service to you?

Please think about what you really want to know from your time with Spirit, before you arrive for your session.

Consider what you REALLY want guidance with. This connection with Spirit is about understanding how to create your future rather than expecting me or them to predict it. Spirit works best with you when you give them clarity on where you would like them to start.  

Physical Location

New Zealand School of Psychic Arts H.Q.

Dashwood Cottage



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