N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts

N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


Professional Beginners Clairvoyance.       Due to Covid until Auckland moves to level 1 all classes will be taught online.

One on One Skype On Line Classes

New Zealand School of Psychic Arts Beginners Clairvoyance Certification 6 Week in person Skype Online Course.

Cost $45.00 per week.  Start any time.

One on One session 1 hr class duration.

Extra time calculated at $22.50 per 30 mins.

Week 1

Understanding the process of:

  • Prayers
  • White Light Technique

Begin learning and experiencing

  • Beginners Third Eye Expansion Technique 
  • Beginners 360 Expansion Technique

Week 2

If you already have a Gate Keeper, at this point in your development they may be ready to change so let's check and make sure.

  • Who is a Gate Keeper and what do they do?
  • Meet your Gate Keeper

Week 3

If you already have a Primary Guide, again let's check and see if a change is needed to be made.

  • Meet your Primary Guide

Weeks 4, 5 & 6

  • Beginners clairvoyance 
  • Various homework assignments 

Week 6

  • Beginners Certification
  • All students are invited once a month to NZSPA H.Q. For a 4 hour In Focus class, which includes guest tutors.
  • The cost for the monthly In Focus class is $55.00.  More information is available upon enquiry.

Continue to part 1 Clairvoyance Advanced In Person Skype Online Course followed.

Cost $45.00 for 1 hr.

If you feel you are already experienced in this initial skill set, please call me to discuss, so that I can assertain your abilities and explain if necessary the differences between our processes. The reason for this, is so that all students are being taught the same techniques in the same way.

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