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Psychic School In Focus Testimonials


Really loved today - I felt it was very special and that there was an overall sense of belonging among everyone. Loved meeting your other students + Anita and Rhoda, who were both lovely and great teachers. Thank you! 

Thanks so much for yesterday. It was amazing! 

Thank you Eunice and for a wonderful day. I really appreciated all that I learned and your time.  It was amazing. 

Just thought I'd share, I had some great outcomes from the tarot readings I did for my sister, when she was stressed out about the future with some issues in her studies and her relationship, I was able to assure her of positive outcomes that have now all come to pass. 😊🙏✨💫 So grateful for the skills you have taught me!

Thank you so much for sharing such an enjoyable time with you.  Thank you also for giving me such opportunities to learn something more.  

I also  thank Anita Who gave me some courage.

I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else had a great time too... You are a very good teacher and facilitator.

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