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My boys Monty & Dudley
My boys Monty & Dudley

My Story

I am an only child. Born and raised in the North East of England. My paternal grandmother was psychic and was asked on many occasions to be involved with the Spiritualist Church, however, she was discouraged from doing so by other family members, due to a strong link with the Catholic Church. Up until the age of 30 I didn't believe in any of it.  I was a sceptic.  When I was 33 a friend asked me who the young guy in the motorbike gear standing behind me was.  Apparently he had been trying to get my attention for years.  She said his name was Steve and had been killed in a motor bike accident.

We were in my house, having a cup of tea with my baby in my arms at the time.

I went into shock.

My friend didn't know about Steve.  He was a special person. He didn't know it, but he meant the world to me. He had been killed when we were both 18. In a motorbike accident. I'd found out about a year or so later through a mutual girlfriend.  An hour after I had called his home actually to say "Hi. I'm back from London.  Want to catch up?" But, no one picked up the phone.  It was then I knew why.

I'd never got over his death.  I'd never mentioned it to anyone.  

I didn't know my friend was psychic.  This was the second time in 3 years that something like this had happened.  It couldn't be explained.  Steve was my trigger.  I needed to know more.  I needed answers.  

If you had told me then that I would become a psychic clairvoyant with the ability to connect with Spirit and be taught by Spirit how to teach others to do the same I would never have believed you.  Yet, here I am 27 years on doing just that.  I have been and still am on an incredible journey.  Now living simultaneously in the present on this earth and connected at all times with the vastness of the Universe and its endless dimensions.  Working professionally as a psychic clairvoyant and teacher to help raise other's awareness, their vibrations and their abilities to connect to Spirit and the Source so that they too can live easily, effortlessly and joyfully.  To know absolutely that there is Life after Death. 

You too can connect with Spirit and your loved ones. Clairvoyance and Meciumship is a learnable skill.

Being in the Flow of Universal Positive Receptivity & Abundance is a possibility for everyone to experience and savour.  

I'm an ordinary woman, from an ordinary town in the U.K. now living an ExtraOrdinary life in New Zealand. We live in a home made of shipping containers that my husband has built, in a rainforest (we were guided here) which I share with my wonderful husband, my boys Monty and Dudley and my fabulous Spiritual Team.

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