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Testimonials for Eunice

"My husband died suddenly 10 years ago and yet I could still feel him around me all the time.  He had been a good husband and a great provider, but very over protective. My life was in a rut.I wanted to move on and yet felt, as crazy as it sounds that I couldn't. I still found myself thinking of my husband every day and when making decisions often asked myself would Keith approve?
I decided to see Eunice to just ask the question " What does the future hold for me?" 
What unfolded in my time with Eunice was astonishing.  I asked my question, but I didn't get the answered as I expected.
Keith came through very concerned about me and not wanting me to be talking to a clairvoyant  ( I hadn't mentioned my husband to Eunice at all until this happened) he was quite angry. She asked me if I wanted him to let go? I told her yes, I wanted to move on with my life and the reasons why.  Very gently, but firmly Eunice spoke with Keith on my behalf and ascertained that he was still in shock that he had died - as it was very sudden, he was afraid for himself, he didn't know what to do and was worried that I wouldn't cope without him. Eunice asked me to speak to him which I did.  He calmed down ( I could feel the change in the atmosphere which had been quite agitated but was getting calmer) then working with her guides she helped Keith release from me and he was helped to move on.

Eunice prescribed a Bach Flower remedy for me to help me let go of the past and get my confidence back.I felt a lightness and sense of relief. I cried as I said my final goodbye.  I left knowing I'd got my life back. I knew I now had a very different future ahead of me and that I could finally make my own decisions to do what ever I wanted to do without feeling as though I had to ask Keith 's permission.
Incredible!  I wouldn't have believe it could happen and yet it did! Thank you Eunice".


"After being just friends with a guy for a few years our relationship changed and we became very close. I realised I was falling in love with him when he told me he had to go overseas to continue his engineering training.  He asked me to go with him but as we weren't engaged, in those days it wasn't the done thing. So I chose to stay in NZ and waited for him to return.  I didn't hear from him again and was heart broken.  I decided that what had happened between us must have been my imagination, so with difficulty I got on with my life and got married to another man.
Two years later I received a letter from Jim wanting to see me.  He'd never forgotten me and was now back in NZ. But I was now married.  I replied to his letter and felt it best to not meet up - even though I was desperate to, I'd never forgotten him and truth be told he was the love of my life.If only I had waited!  I never heard from him again. My heart was broken for a second time. 30 years later my marriage ended in divorce.
Without telling Eunice very much I asked her about what had happened, my responses and actions and about Jim - then and now. Did he really love me?  She answered that question and the other information she gave me was spot on. She told me things that I knew already ( that I hadn't told her) and clarified things that filled the gaps.  I felt immense relief and understanding at last. She  did not give me any false hope about the future but did suggest a practical path forward.   
Thank you very much I'm so grateful to you Eunice".


"My sons relationship was on again off again.  He was due to get married but he'd called it off yet again.  I asked if he would actually go through with the marriage.  Eunice read the tarot cards and told me in the end he would.  I was dubious. It was touch and go for the next two weeks. However, she was right. It was a lovely wedding and they are both still very happy".

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