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N.Z. School

of Psychic Arts


Professional Spiritual Counselling & Tarot   Due to Covid this course will be taught online.

Spiritual Counselling & Tarot Confirmation

12 Week Online Course. Cost $65.00 weekly. 1.5 hrs class duration.  Max 3 students per course.

Please note:

This course is included in the full Clairvoyance / Mediumship Advanced Level 1 or can be studied independently.

Using your clairvoyance abilities, you will be trained in Psychic Detective work, to prepare you for Spiritual Counselling. Your Guide works along side you to access profound information on proposed questions or situations where spiritual guidance is required. Through psychic detective and spiritual counselling techniques you will assertain the real reason your client is seeking Spiritual Guidance and assurance.

The next step is working with Spirit through the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck ( this can be purchased through the school). You will be taught more techniques on how to confirm Spirits guidance through the Tarot and the results of action taken will be given.

The results of this technique are unique and brings clarity and comfort to the seeker.

Practical exam required for certification.

These techniques are specific to the New Zealand School of Psychic Arts curriculum.

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