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Spiritual Mediumship 

Talking to Loved Ones

I specialise in Spiritual Mediumship which is different to the Mediumship style that most people have experienced at one time or another. 

Because of the complexity and skill needed to work in mediumship this technique is initially taught during the Level 1 Boot Camp weekend.

Spiritual Mediumship is a communication in which I encourage you to have a conversation with your loved one.  As the channel I am able to speak on your loved ones behalf.  I am able to describe how they are feeling, what they are experienceing on the otherside and if they have any unfinished business, which may require your help in a particular matter.  Similally, you may have a request from them.  

Often there are issues that were not resolved before a loved one passed. Understanding and healing is needed so that families on both sides of the veil can move foreward.

Occassionally a loved one may not have transitioned into the Light. Often, they want to stay close to you. Not understanding that once transitioned healing for all can take place. The result being that everyone can move forward while still maintaining contact.  I am able to facilitate this transition if needed during the session.

As you can see my way of working with Spirit is much more complex and healing for not only both parties, but, for both energetic sides of the veil. Healing is rippled out to include many more than just the two beings that are having the conversation

To clarify Mediumship that is usually offered in a spiritual church service, is  a process of identifying a loved one by describing specific details about their appearance, age of death, how they died and so on ending with a message or answering a question you may have.  

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