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N.Z. School

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School Testimonials

 I am buzzing!! Lots of lovely info to download, thank you so much for all that, love what you are doing, it is giving me a structure and a wonderful map to follow.

A wonderful session being savoured. J xx

"Thanks again for your time and energy. You're an amazing and awesome teacher".


"Taking Eunice’s development classes have led me in a new direction in my life. Eunice is an incredible teacher in the world of Spiritual guidance. Eunice provides a safe and positive learning environment where everyone supported each other as they grew and learnt together.  Eunice had us diving straight into it with a short visualisation technique. Eunice’s content is extremely well prepared and each week there was something new to develop and expand on.  Eunice’s teachings have become part of my day to day life. I now feel better in my own skin and know that no matter what you are always guided and looked after.  If you are truly wanting something in life with 100% belief then someway, somehow it will be brought to you ( or something even better!). I am now more aware of the little soft gentle thoughts, feelings, visions and nudges that are brought my way on a day to day basis that are the true me. I thank Eunice greatly for all that she has taught me so far and I look forward to learning so much more".


"Thank you so much again for your amazing boot camp! I just enjoyed being part of the boot camp to witness the beautiful moments of everyone and also allowing me to experience what I experienced during these two days"! 


(One of the experiences Soyoka had, was while I was talking she said she saw clearly standing in front of me, an old wise man wearing long robes.  As I was talking he and I began to merge in and out of each others energies.  Soyoka understood this to mean that I was in fact channelling him. She described the experience as a "pure channel". This often happens with my team, but this is the first time that I've actually had someone see one of my team working through me. She told me afterwards that she had never seen anything like this before. Thrilling for both of us!)

"Well, Thank you for an enlightening weekend! I wanted clear confirmation that I was on the right track and seeing an American Indian guide in 3D full colour standing in front of me and I could hear him talking to me certainly gave me that! I've been visited by him in the last few weeks since the Boot Camp. Amazing. Thank you"!


"Thank you Eunice for teaching me how to improve my ability of clairvoyance.  I have realised that I already have some ability even if its just a little. I understand now that the balls of light that I see, that they are me and I am them and that I am not alone.   I need to just keep practising, so I'll do that and believe in myself". 


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